BYSMP Bless the Children develops programs for underprivileged families and children in the Tondo community to give them an opportunity to live better lives.


Direct Family Funding


Health and Medical

Special Education

Skills Training / Livelihood / Employment

Programs we offer

We all know that the way out of poverty is education.  Through the sponsorship program, children are given the chance and opportunity to be in school. Our main partner is Chalice Canada that sponsors around 1100 children to date.

  • 2013 – 281 children
  • 2014 – 765 children
  • 2015 – 944 children & youth
  • 2016 – 1199 children & youth
  • 2017 – 1217 children & youth

This program was adapted in January 2017. Funds are transferred to children’s accounts.  Parents sign a covenant to which they have to abide by for the usage of funds.  The Chalice Synergy Groups (CSG) where the parents belong work together to improve their lives and their community.  Groups that perform well are given opportunities to receive funds for income generating projects.

We now have 982 children with bank accounts in place.

Some CSG found ingenious ways to help themselves and their community such as:

  • Determined CSG ventured into Rice Retailing
  • Gentle CSG Ventured into Chicken Retailing
  • Orderly CSG conducts Clean-up Drive, Segregation and Feedings
  • Benevolence CSG conducts Clean-up Drive and soon Greening Project

Many children in the marginalized sector of our society are deprived of one of the most important basic needs – food – nutritious food that would sustain the needs of a growing child. In the medical checks that we have been conducting yearly for the past 6 years, many children showed signs of malnutrition: underweight, stunting, and anemia. To respond to this situation, Chalice Canada funds feeding programs that BCFI implements in various marginalized areas through its CHALICE CHILDREN NUTRITION PROGRAM, providing one nutritious meal daily, five days a week, to more than 700 children.
The Chalice Children Nutrition Program is being done in partnership with Chalice Canada, One Team Global and Reliv Kalogris Foundation. 

Feeding is done daily from Mondays to Fridays:

Location Number of Children
Del Pan 110
Parola 185
Barangay 123 170
Breakfast at Centro Salvador (BCFI Location) 130
Lunch at Centro Salvador (BCFI Location) 133
Total: 728 children fed daily

A total 170 elderly are also fed daily at the given locations.

There are many children who are not blessed with good health. They were either born with congenital conditions, or acquired certain conditions, both of which are worsened by poverty.

BCFI, in partnership with Chalice Canada through its Critical Needs Program, Maya’s Hope which is based in New York, and Medical Checks for Children from the Netherlands has been able to help more than 30 children who had to undergo very delicate surgeries of the brain, heart, and other organs. Most of these children now live normal lives: go to school, play, and have fun.

Bi-annual Medical Checks

Checks are done twice a year, November to December and April to May

Dental Care

Goal: Zero Cavities

month No.
Nov 2016


Dec 2016 6
Jan 2017 15
Feb 2017 33
March 2017  8
April 2017 32

Some children were born special with different abilities. Many cannot understand them and these children are left this way due to poverty. This school year, we have 5 deaf-mute children enrolled at the Philippine School for the Deaf, and 8 children with down syndrome are enrolled at St. John of God SPED School.  

  1. Skills Training that will provide employment for people in Tondo – we have started initial arrangement with Don Bosco Youth Center in Tondo for trainings in fields such as Welding.
  2. Livelihood for mothers like sewing backpacks, and making tofu and soya milk